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Food4Patriots: Your Survival Food Source

In these troubled times, it is increasingly common for individuals to invest in a shelter of some kind, a safe place to retreat to in the event of catastrophe. One of the essentials every bunker needs is food requiring little preparation that will last for years. Food4Patriots provides survival meal kits ideally suited to this purpose.

You may be wondering what a survival meal kit is. It is simply quality foodstuffs, packaged in a bag for easy storage, that will not expire or require excessive preparation in an emergency. Many other companies provide similar products, but they are chemistry sets filled with genetically altered food and dangerous artificial preservatives. Food4Patriots offers only wholesome nutrition made with non-GMO ingredients and without preservatives. Sample items include Maple Grove Oatmeal, Traveler's Stew, Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes, Country Cottage Mac & Cheese, and Honey Coated Banana Chips. A complete listing of the company's inventory and nutritional information is available on its official website.

Food4Patriots also offers a variety of purchasing options to accommodate patriots with varying needs. Kits are available for a variety of different time periods, including one week, four week, three month, and one year. Specialty options are also available, such as a fruit and veggie snack mix, deluxe coffee kit, and protein kit. All Food4Patriots products are competitively priced, as other companies charge as much as three times more for the same quality. Exact pricing depends on quantity and items ordered.

Food4Patriots is an affiliate of 4Patriots LLC, which was founded by Allen Baler. It is an American company based in  Nashville, Tennessee and also offers water purification systems, survival seeds, and a guide to producing your own electricity.

Food4Patriots accepts orders directly on its website, which you can find here. If you have any questions, the company's outstanding customer service team is eager to assist you. Current prices may not hold up as demand increases, so order your survival kit today!